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Here comes the Future… FEETBOX 3D

Sidas together with Corpus-e have developed the most precise scanner accurate +/- 1mm! This system will allow the boot fitter to take a precise 3D image of the customers feet and lower leg simultaneously using the revolutionary 3D scanner and pressure plate. This scanner will analyse and provide the fitter with anatomical data such as:

  • Foot volume
  • Foot Pressure
  • Alignment

When you have this data, you can then do a virtual try on of the average narrow, medium and wide fitting boots. If you would like to recommend particular boots you can then verify your choices using the SHOO-IQ function which has a database of each boot you have in stock.

The Feetbox 3D adds a new and unique way for customers to buy footwear, from your store and differentiates high street from the internet.

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