We have a portfolio which includes internationally recognised brands in Outdoor & Winter Sports retail…

Our brand portfolio has grown over the past few years, it is clear that we are driven to provide solutions which allow people to enjoy their activities fully.  Sidas UK has a product to keep you comfortable whether your activity is running, hiking, skiing, biking or between sports each day.


Sidas, Your Foot Company

SIDAS is the ideal partner for all those wanting to offer their customers the best technology, for every type of foot and every sport, every day !

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Podiatech: Sidas Medical

Podiatech, a complete offering for podiatrists. Working in partnership with podiatrists Podiatech has developed the tools to respond effectively to all patients and pathologies.

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The Heating Specialists; Our range of products now includes a variety of high-quality solutions in the field of portable heating systems, which are proven to provide warmth.

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Compeed- an iconic, well trusted and beloved global brand that offers a wide variety of high- quality innovative solutions for preventing and treating blisters.

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POINT6; Merino Wool Socks

Combat temperature, moisture, and friction… beat blisters and go farther with POINT6 performance merino wool technology.

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Kästle is the first choice for passionate skiers. Our skis combine decades of experience with proven technologies that enable our customers to challenge and exceed their limits.

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