Custom Station


The premium fit station is the “must have” custom moulding station!

Its ergonomic, elegant and simple design lets you promote your boot-fitting activity instore, particularly the Custom technology.

The design ensures both comfort for the boot fitter and simple moulding. The station is easy to access for the customer and the technician. Consisting of a comfortable adjustable seat and support bars to ensure stability for the customer during the moulding process.

This sophisticated boot fitting station allows a boot fitter to analyse the feet with the integrated podoscope, heat the insole blanks in the integrated moduvac, and make imprints of the feet using the directly integrated HD silicone bags.

You have two options with this premium fit station:

  • FIT STATION PREMIUM, without equipment.
  • FIT STATION PREMIUM PACK, with equipment.
5 year guarantee on equipment
Life time guarantee on metal structure

Dimensions: 1068 x 925 x 895mm



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