Run + Slim


A pre-shaped insole designed for runners both casual and elite. Our running insoles have been designed to provide a dynamic interface between the foot and shoe, this is to encourage the natural movement of the foot whilst maintaining control and hold. The Run+ Slim can be customised to your feet in 10 minutes, providing lasting comfort thanks to the flash fit technology. In comparison to the Run+ this insole has a different topcover, 4mm slimmer in the mid-foot, it also has a lower profile which means it will suit lower volume running footwear.

  • 2mm PE topcover provides added cushioning
  • TXC heel reinforcement provides support and control
  • Podiaflex base gives the insole stability
  • 2.2mm Jogtene forefoot pad in the forefoot allows enhanced cushioning & propulsion
  • Primtech/Confortene in the heel provides optimal shock absorption & cushioning




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