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C-PACK 1700 B

C-Pack 1700 B

Therm-ic Reference: T-41-0101-300
Segment: Ski
Category: Insoles, Warmth sources
Technology: Powered Heat

The C-Pack 1700 B batteries are the most effective in the range and thanks to the Bluetooth function you will be able to control the intensity of your heat remotely.

● Up to 29 hours of heat
● Comes with a single control button
● Pack comes with a USB charger
● Wall charger not supplied
● Suitable for use with Therm-ic Insoles Heat

Flat, Heat 3D and Heat Kit range only.

Color: Black



In cold weather, our bodies withdraw the heat from the extremities first to protect the vital organs located in the center of the body. This already reduces performance by 12 % at a muscle temperature of about 32° C/93.2° F. At even lower temperatures, performance may be reduced by up to 50 %, simultaneously increasing the risk of injury due to less tension in the fibers of a muscle.

Our Therm-ic Foot Warming systems with impulse control continuously release heat from the tip of the toes to across the entire sole of the foot. This type of heat supply increases the mobility and performance of the foot muscles and thus provides more safety.