In 1975, Sidas was established by three ski instructors looking for ways to make skier’s feet more comfortable. The brand founders decided to make insoles moulded to each individual foot shape to provide more
sensation and reduce discomfort inside ski boots. Not having specialist tools to hand, they moulded their first insoles with a gratin dish and a cushion! The venture was a success, and so began the company’s long history. 

Sidas then began to grow rapidly, providing comfort solutions not only for skiing but also for other sports such as cycling, running and outdoor pursuits, as well as everyday.

For 40 years, the growth of Sidas has been due to the commitment in these different areas:
  • Innovation, which has been at the heart of Sidas’ growth for the past forty years plus, which has resulted in 109 registered trademarks and 15 patents.
  • Sidas has become the brand of choice for top athletes in a number of sports across the world, thanks to its innovative solutions.
  • Collaboration with experts to validate Sidas products and their benefits through scientific studies.
  • Sidas Solutions are recommended by top partner brands.
  • The confidence of retailers and foot professionals, with more than 15,000 retailers working with Sidas
  • Enjoyed by the end consumer, with some 1.5 million people using Sidas products daily!!!
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